Emily Gibbs BA MA

Full-time Ph.D. History Candidate at University of Liverpool, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), exploring the emotional, social, cultural, memorial, political and psychological trends & changes in Nuclear history and anxiety in the United Kingdom – 50s, 80s & the present. I am currently researching the microhistories of nuclear anxiety in Britain, focusing on London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast & Liverpool.

I explore the themes of anxiety, resistance, memory, normalisation, space, representation & consciousness within the theoretical boundaries of Dr. H Kearney’s “Four Nation” theory, Dr. P Boyer’s theory of “Nuclear Consciousness” and R. Lifton’s idea of ‘psychic numbing’.

Contact me at: emily.gibbs@hotmail.co.uk or hsegibbs@liverpool.ac.uk for more information, debate or general chit chat

Follow me on Twitter: @NuclearCulture (blog) or @emilygibbs93 (personal) to keep up to date!
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Inspired by Dr. J Hogg, Dr. P Boyer, Dr. J Hughes, Dr. A Bingham & Prof. K Brown.


This blog is designed to help other students on their journey though Academia, and towards becoming an independent researcher, and also for those interested in keeping up with my work. I cover everything from grant writing, to PhD life, researching, archival work, writing and the pain-staking process of editing. I shall attempt to update and publish frequently on this blog about my research & relevant current events surrounding the controversial British Bomb, and indeed all the nuclear bombs that still exist in the world.

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